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India Travel Diary


This weekend I got to sit down and do one of my favorite things: make our travel video from my family's trip to India this past summer! I've made several videos throughout the years and they are hands down the most meaningful, fun way that we have documented travels together. Watching clips from a time and place so special brings me right back to those moments. This video takes me right back to that colorful, chaotic, music-filled, joyful country called India!

Best of the Summer

Well I'm a little late to the game on this post, but we have entered the world of October, which means that my beautiful summer of spontaneous travel has come to an end. The end of this summer means the beginning of a brand new chapter and so many things to look forward to in the fall: junior year of college beginning, my 21st birthday, living with my best friends, and challenging myself to reach new goals in work. This post is mostly just so I can look back throughout the years on how wonderful this summer of 2017 was. I've already written posts on some of the cities I traveled to which are linked below the photos! If you want more photos and memories from those places, feel free to click away! 



Japan (didnt take many pictures since it was only 24 hrs!)


Fort Bragg (read post here)

Views of the Golden Gate Bridge


If you've been reading for the past few weeks, you'll know that our West Coast Road Trip took us on plenty of unexpected adventures (re: our honeymoon suite at the Holiday Inn!) Well, San Francisco was no different and handed us this glorious adventure. We were looking for Kirby Cove to try and get this famous shot of the Golden Gate Bridge, but ended up scaling cliffs above the beach and alongside the bridge... wearing skirts and sandals! Angelika and Natalie were champs about my less than successful navigation skills and we ended up getting pretty incredible shots. It's always an adventure with the three of us! 

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