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A Day in the Life


 photos by Kristen Marie Studio 

With my first day of senior year at UCLA right around the corner, I wanted to share how I spent most of my summer.  I worked at a PR company in San Francisco and I LOVED it. From the badass women I spent the day with to the chilly SF weather to the office espresso machine to the work itself, I was constantly energized and inspired. Even the hour long bus commute from home in Sausalito to the Financial District was oddly rhythmic and comforting. For the first time (basically ever), I had a pretty solid daily routine. I absolutely loved the pace and energy. I'm so glad that my school year at UCLA started so late, because it meant that I got to spend more time at my job! Here's a look at my typical daily routine: 

7am Roll out of bed, pack my lunch, get dressed 
7:30am Walk to the bus stop 
8am Hop on the bus, eat breakfast, do my daily devotion, and then start work 
9am Arrive at work, get coffee (still not fully awake) 
9-11am Each day looks a little different, but my mornings usually entail replying to emails, pitching, and media list making
11am-12pm Again, things change day to day but I usually have client calls in the early afternoon 
12-1pm Lunch! Explore the city, meet up with my best friend who's also working in SF, or get errands done
1-3pm Back to work. More productivity, pitching, emailing, writing, etc! 
3-5pm My most productive hours, trying to complete tasks by end of day 
5pm Off work! Head to the bus stop
5:30-6:30 Commute home 
7-8pm Go on a run with my mom or to yoga (or just chill if I'm tired!) 
9pm Dinner 
10pm Wind down, shower, watch tv, etc 
12am Sleep! 

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8/18/18 was the best day of my life. It was the day I got engaged to the most wonderful person in the world, the day he gave me the most beautiful ring in the world at one of our favorite spots in the world, and the day that I felt like the most blessed person in the world.

A few weeks prior, Kyle told me that he had forgotten a few things at his old house and asked if I wanted go with him to help finish moving out. I love his college town, so I didn't think twice when he asked me to go. 

When we were planning the weekend, he mentioned that we should hike Bishop's Peak at some point. 

For a little context, almost two years ago when we did this hike, two things hit me: first, the ground when I tripped, fell, and wrecked my knee (ha, more on that later!) and then the realization that Kyle was my person. That hike solidified in my mind that he was the one I loved, cherished, and respected more than any other person on this planet. As I was driving home from that hike two years ago, I called my mom and told her that. I believe my exact words were, "MOM. SOS. I'm going to marry Kyle." Months later, I told Kyle how I felt that day and about the phone conversation with my mom. 

The thought definitely crossed my mind that if he was going to propose this weekend, it might be on that hike. But the trail was honestly so hard, any thought besides trying not to trip/sweat/die quickly left my mind. I think Bishop's Peak had become such a special place in my memory, that I completely forgot and underestimated how hard the actual hike was! 

As we were struggling up the mountain, we talked about how this hike was kind of like a metaphor for life; how the trail was really challenging, but that it would all be worth it when we reached the top and experienced the beautiful view. 

We made it to the top. Kyle crouched down to grab water out of his backpack and handed it up to me. He told me that he wanted to take a picture with the Polaroid so I didn't think anything of it when he starting digging through the backpack. Then he mentioned last time we did this hike and that phone call I had made to my mom. That's when I connected the dots.

I can't remember the exact words exchanged, moments shared, or how he went from kneeling with a ring to hugging me. It was the happiest, most adrenaline fueled moment of my life and the biggest, most important "yes" I could ever say. I think I stood there happy crying in his arms for a while until he asked if he could put the ring on my finger. 

Before I had even fully processed what had just happened, a photographer popped out from her hiding spot and Kyle told me she had been there to capture the entire thing. It is the most precious, special thing to have pictures and a video from when Kyle asked me to marry him. Thank you so much Jennifer Leigh for responding to Kyle's top secret Facebook request and for hiking up to capture this! 

Side note: as we were taking pictures, Kyle noticed his knee was cut up from kneeling on the rocks when he proposed. Now we both have scars on the same knee, from the same mountain, and from two very important days!  

(this is one of my favorite photos of the whole day!) 

From Facetiming our families a few hours later to swimming in the ocean while holding my left hand in the air so my ring wouldn't get wet to going out to dinner that night, the rest of the day was so special and I don't want to forget a single moment. It was the most happy, full of love, joyful day. It was the day Kyle asked me to marry him and it couldn't have been a more special or beautiful. 

Successful Study Tips


Let’s talk grades. When it came to my scores on assignments, I’d always been a total Type-A perfectionist with high expectations and pressures on myself. But throughout my time at UCLA, I experienced a total shift in the way I viewed grades. I realized that easy A’s and devastating low scores were influencing me far more than actual learning, and that my experiences of frustration with a subject, hard work, and then final “light bulb” moment had been more rewarding than high grades ever were. When I invested in my learning, my education began to mean so much more to me. I have adjusted how I study, have been able to adapt to more challenging classes, and now can take advantage of thousands of study resources at my fingertips thanks to Cengage Unlimited. When I realized the importance of a mindset that didn’t measure success by grades, but by how hard I had worked, the funniest thing happened: I found that my grades were higher than ever before. In college I’ve really had to learn to press into challenges and use every resource I have in order to feel that I’ve done my absolute best on a project, paper, or assignment. Cengage Unlimited will help me do just that. With the beginning of the school year right around the corner (or for some, already beginning), I thought I'd share some study tips that have been useful to me!

Stay Organized 
Half of the battle is in taking useful, organized notes and keeping your thoughts focused while you are in class. If you do that, studying is so much easier. For me, staying organized includes using a great day planner (I LOVE this one), keeping a to do list of all upcoming assignments, and immediately reviewing and revising my notes after class. If you take it one task at a time, studying for an exam is much less intimidating.  

Avoid Procrastinating
I know, I know... It is so hard to do that reading assignment when Netflix is calling your name! Although it is so much easier said than done, staying on top of your assignments and doing them ahead of time really is key to feeling prepared for a big test. Distractions are bound to come up, so make sure to start studying early so that you're able to cover all the material and avoid cramming at the last minute. 

Study With Others 
I do most major studying by myself, but combing brain power can be a great way to test your own knowledge, break up the monotony of studying, get new perspectives on a topic, and make sure that you didn't miss any key information! 

Use Your Resources 
A resource that I can’t wait to use this school year is Cengage Unlimited. Basically, Cengage is a platform for students with thousands of online resources and course materials. A Cengage Unlimited subscription gives you access all of the products and services they offer. The best part is, no matter how many courses you enroll in, or how many ebooks you use, the price stays the same.  

This post is brought to you by Cengage and Her Campus Media.