Successful Study Tips


With finals right around the corner, I thought I'd share some study tips that I've picked up during this school year. Hopefully they will provide enough motivation and encouragement to help you power through finals and get one step closer to winter break! In high school, I knew that as long as I tried my hardest, I could get an A on an assignment. In college, A's are not guaranteed. College has been challenging in a whole new way. I've had to realize that what matters isn't the grade, but that I can be content knowing that, at the end of the day, I did my absolute best. I've adjusted how I study, adapted to more challenging classes, and learned not to be afraid to reach out for help thanks to Luvo Learn. Here are a few tips that have made me feel more confident going into finals! 

Stay Organized 
Half of the battle is in taking useful, organized notes and keeping your thoughts focused while you are in class. If you do that, studying is so much easier. For me, staying organized includes using a great day planner (I LOVE this one), keeping a to do list of all upcoming assignments, and immediately reviewing and revising my notes after class. If you take it one task at a time, studying for an exam is much less intimidating.  

Avoid Procrastinating
I know, I know... It is so hard to do that reading assignment when Netflix is calling your name! Although it is so much easier said than done, staying on top of your assignments and doing them ahead of time really is key to feeling prepared for a big test. Don't wait until the night before to start studying! Distractions are bound to come up, so make sure to start studying early so that you're able to cover all the material and avoid cramming at the last minute. 

Study With Others 
I do most major studying by myself, but combing brainpower can be a great way to test your own knowledge, break up the monotony of studying, get new perspectives on a topic, and make sure that you didn't miss any key information! 

Use Your Resources 
Don't be afraid to ask for help! A resource that has been so helpful this year is Luvo Learn. Basically, Luvo is an online marketplace that helps students do better both financially and academically. You can upload and download study guides for a particular course and even connect with a tutor that specializes in the subject. I know for me, it is has been so helpful to connect with others who have already taken classes that I need help with. Luvo Learn makes it possible to give and get help when it comes to preparing for exams, and next Sunday, December 6, they are even offering a free day of tutoring to help students get through finals! How great is that? Make sure to visit Luvo Learn's site and check out all the incredible resources they offer! 

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